Gianni Ballistreri is an accomplished and passionate Sicilian artist.  A friend once said, "If you cut Gianni, colors would come out"… when you meet him you will understand why. He loves working with students of all skill levels.

Each guest will receive a welcome basket, filled with art supplies and even a handmade sketch/watercolor book will ensure that each guest will have the tools needed to capture their memories. 

When we are not on outings, lunches and dinners here at the house will be prepared by Melissa Mangano.  Guests will be free to enjoy a glass of wine while watching, or helping Melissa in the kitchen.  Her enthusiasm and love of food are contagious!

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Some outings highlights could be: 

A visit to  beautiful Villa Ortolani Bordonaro, a crumbling seaside villa, Home to the last Nobel family of Cefalu. You will be free to wander the grounds, olive grove, gardens and beach. All that sketching and painting will build an appetite. Don't worry, we are planning a lazy afternoon picnic spent under the olive trees, in the courtyard or at the villa's beach. 

 An outing into the Madonie Mountains will show you just how diverse the Sicilian landscape is. Beautiful Cork Oak and Beech forests are nestled between hauntingly beautiful hilltop cities that will capture your imagination and take you back in time. 

 Discover the hidden beauty of spirited Palermo. Teatro Massimo, Monreale and "Balleró" the oldest and liveliest vegetable and fish market in Palermo.  

 Don't worry, you will have time here at Casa Pergola to paint and sketch. We want you to have fun and relax, all outings are optional.