Grocery Shopping

I tend to drive to Termini Imerese for Groceries and Fish. I stay in Caccamo for the meats (Which are island famous).

In Termini Imerese:


  • Telephone 091 8114213
  • Closed Sunday afternoon
  • via Ugo La Malfa, 36
  • Termini Imerese

In Caccamo:

For shopping Risparmi Qui Grocery

For great meats Sapore di Sicilia Butcher shop 

There are many other butcher, bread, and pastry shops too numerous to mention


  • As you arrive in Caccamo you will see a split in the road with a gas station in the middle.
  • Turn left and follow the serpentine road up.
  • If you look right you will see a beautiful Castle view. 
  • Stay on that road and you will see the grocery store on your LEFT.
  • They are closed for Siesta from 1:30 until 4:30 and also Sunday after 1pm

For meat in Caccamo:

  • Continue past the grocery store. You will pass a hardware store on your LEFT called "Self Service" (Don't ask me why) 
  • After that the road will take a sharp turn to the right, you will see the butcher shop on the left next to a shop that sells coffee.

For slow oven roasting try the "Stinco di Maiale" cooked for hours at 150 Cº with orange peel, garlic, and wine.

For BBQ ask for "Cosce di Pollo senza osso".… Boned chicken thighs 

  • Salsicia…. sausage
  • Pollo…….. chicken
  • Bistecca ….beefsteak
  • Florintina …t-bone

For fish:

  • Drive to Termini Imerese in the morning and keep your eyes open. There will be fishermen selling what they caught early that the morning. You can't find fresher fish out of the water.
  • Friday Morning Termini Imerese has a huge market. Fruits, Vegetables, fresh fish, meats, cheeses and (unfortunately) cheap items from China. Head to the port and you will find it. 

Extreme Shopping

In Palermo there is Vucciaria and Ballaró

This is great opportunity to see authentic Palermitans selling everything under the sun.  It's noisy, spirited and unpredictable…

 Vucciaria at night is transformed into a street party. Bars, music, and street food (not the place for people afraid of crowds or the possibility a piece of a building might crumble into their drink or onto their head.

If you are afraid to go alone there is a good chance your hosts will give you a guided tour of the area. It might cost you a glass of wine, but don't worry… great wines can be found for 2 a glass.


All towns have pharmacies. Look for the green blinking cross. That will indicate where the pharmacies are. When the signs are lit they are open or "On Call".

Many items can be purchased "over the counter"

Should you have a health concern we have a friend who is a doctor. She is happy to help should a health issue arise.

I can be reached with whatsapp, viber, skype or my phone +39 334 5980722